A Selection. Click on image to view. For details of sizes, frames etc, please contact me. All are oil on board or canvas.


Gargoyle Serenade

The Ice Cream Seller

Herne The Hunter


New Wings For a Fallen Angel

Eve Tempted By The Serpent

Ship of Fools *** SOLD ***

Girl With Goat *** SOLD ***

The Night Match

The Nativity *** SOLD ***

Pandora Releasing Hope from the Casket

City of Paranoia

The Cloakroom Attendants *** SOLD ***

Girl with a Pearl Ear-tag


Set of 4 oils – Little Red Riding Hood.

Left to right:

Take This Basket to Granny

These Flowers are So Pretty!

Why Grandmother, What Big Teeth You’ve Got!

Where’s That Wolf Gone?